Negri, from the heart
of the Po Valley

The origin of the green brand

In 1991, Negri took its first steps in Campitello, near Mantua, in the Po Valley, whose name derives from the Po, the big river that runs through it. The company immediately acquired a relevant position in the national and international markets for the production of Bio-Shredders; garden equipment the firm has some exclusive patent of.

From the Po Valley to the international markets

Thanks to a commercial policy that pays particular attention to both prices and quality, the Negri brand has crossed the Alps and it is now known and established almost all over the world for its airing machines, vacuums and chippers too. With a productive structure extended on 10.000 m² and with continuous investments in the most innovative technologies, today Negri aims at reaching new company goals and finding a larger consent.

Negri and Training

In the administrative department of the new head office, there is a permanent room reserved to training courses for both the Negri sales network and, on demand, the customer’s technical staff.


As soon as the customers cross the entry threshold, they find a spacious showroom where they can examine the various models, compare them and check each technical and building detail.


Our modern and functional production department can count on the most advanced equipment and on a well-organized structure, which assures efficiency, flexibility and punctual delivery time.